Performing Arts

Performing arts play a very significant role in the overall development of a child because they eliminate stage fright or performance anxiety. A person who is not afraid to perform in front of an audience can do wonderful things throughout their life.

We firmly believe this and that is why the school calendar is loaded with exciting activities to exhibit your child’s talent.

Your child could participate in various activities like stage plays, acting, dance, live bands, singing, mimes, group dance, public speaking, compeering, visual arts, music and more.


If your child is passionate about dance, our school is the best place for them to be. We have dedicated male/female dance instructors who specialize in a variety of dance forms like Bollywood, western, hip-hop, Indian classical and many more. Various inter-house, intra-school and inter-school competitions are held regularly to showcase your child’s talent.


If your child aspires to learn music or play musical instruments, he or she will get effective training from our committed music teachers who are well-versed in vocal music as well as in playing multiple instruments. Your child can learn to play guitar, piano, harmonium, drums, keyboards, tabla, flute and many other musical instruments. Students are also trained in music composition.

Fine Arts

The fine arts department in our school includes some of the finest art teachers in the area. We emphasize on practical work as much as we do on theoretical work. A variety of competitions are held in school to develop your student’s fine arts skills.