The sole aim of forming an alumni association in the school was to let our old students ‘restrengthen’ their ties with their alma mater, after they have left the school officially. Needless to say, it is ‘restrengthening’ their bond because at GCIS Batala a rather impenetrable and rather warm bond is shared between the authorities and the students. A cursory look through the history of the school since its inception in the year 2011 would give a clear picture of a very meticulously maintained relation between the teacher and the taught. A special zeal, enthusiasm, sincerity and personalized attention have been some of the major undercurrents of the atmosphere of the school since the very beginning. With the changing times, in today’s global world, in order to remain relevant and effective in our missions, it becomes necessary even in the field of education to keep updating the systems of instruction and also to reorient our methodology of educating. Undoubtedly, all this can best be achieved through an honest feedback which can be received from none other than our own alumni. In fact, the school boasts of numerous dynamic and well placed alumni who maintain regular link with school through an active alumni association. The association is forever forthcoming to shoulder responsibilities and support the different initiatives of the school in its relentless pursuit of achieving excellence in all the fields. Besides helping out in different activities on the campus, members of the Alumni Association (GCISB) also share their expertise and experience with current generation of students, thus guiding and grooming them for the career counseling. Interacting with the alumni, the students gather some highly valuable tips to be followed for success in the real professional backdrop. GCIS is also hold career counseling seminars and workshops for the students to enhance their skill set required for their career. The school feels a sense of pride in witnessing its alumni take a successful flight in various professions and hold coveted positions. We wish them all the very best in all their future endeavours.