Chairman's Message

Welcome to GCIS Batala.

GCISB is a school of vision venturing for excellence in every child. Offering wings for the dream to every child and making it a reality is what we are aiming at.

The campus of GCISB is spirited and energetic, full of bright and innovative ideas, willing to embrace challenges and courageous in undertaking reforms in pursuit of excellence. GCISB is a learning laboratory to the inquiring mind of every child. We not only prepare our children for their future lives but also aim to educate them to be Global Citizens which is an important core value of our school.

At GCISB we have a good team of highly creative, dedicated and diligent educators with professional experience to meet the need of the learners today. We aim not only for exam results but also for the development of generic skills and attitude to deal with complexity, learning dispositions, reflectiveness and sociability.  “Learning is itself a learnable craft” and we can all get better at learning. With combined efforts of school, teachers and parents, a child can develop as better, more effective and powerful learner.“Independent”, “Confident” and “Adaptable” are the skills which we aim to impart to our students and to help them to navigate their way through the curriculum and life.

We heartily welcome you and your child to GCIS, Batala. I wish you a great experience in parenting, a healthy and cooperative relationship with the school and very bright future for our students.


Rajinder Singh Sangha

Chairman, GCIS Batala