1. Where is GEMS Cambridge International School, Batala located?

Our school is located in the outskirts of Batala, on the Batala Amritsar road, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Address: GEMS Cambridge International School – Batala-Amritsar Road, Batala (Punjab) – 143505

2. What are the timings for the school?

Summer: 08:00 am to 2:15 pm
Winter: 08:50 am to 2:15 pm

3. Is there any special uniform policy for birthdays?

Students are allowed to wear casuals on their birthdays. However, on certain occasions – exams, school celebrations, field trips, etc. – students must wear school uniform.

As a school policy, students are not encouraged to cut cakes in the classroom or treat their friends and classmates with snacks and beverages. Only sweets like toffees and candies or small chocolates, etc. are allowed.

4. Does the school have a diet canteen?

The school does not have a diet canteen. Instead, we have a large, air-conditioned mess hall where healthy, tasty and hygienic food is served at a nominal monthly fee.

5. Does the school have its own transport?

We have one of the largest fleet of transport vehicles in the area. We have our own buses and cabs and our own drivers.

6. How do you ensure safety of students in the buses and cabs?

Each and every bus and cab is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras and GPS trackers. Besides, drivers are strictly ordered to drive slowly. Also, there is an assistant to the driver in every vehicle who ensures safe boarding and alighting. Above all, multiple teachers accompany students during the commute.

7. How do you ensure proper hygiene in school?

We have a dedicated housekeeping staff that takes care of the cleanliness and hygiene in school. Besides, the doctor on duty inspects the level of cleanliness and hygiene without fail.

8. How does the school ensure safety of children?

Your child’s safety is our prime concern. That is the reason why we have installed multiple CCTV surveillance cameras in all classrooms. Security inspectors constantly monitor all activities in the school premises. Strict disciplinary actions are taken against the defaulters.

9. What is the teacher student ratio in the school?

We consistently maintain a teacher student ratio of 1:15 to ensure that every child gets individual attention. We are constantly reducing this ratio by hiring more qualified and experienced teachers.

10. How qualified are the teachers at the school?

Every teacher in our academic staff is well qualified and well experienced. They are not just good at the teaching but also at preparing students for co-curricular activities and more. Our goal at Gems Cambridge International School is to develop overall personality of students and we are proud to say that our teachers are exceeding our expectations.

11. What curriculum do you follow?

GEMS Cambridge International School is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) vide code no. 1630792. We follow the curriculum approved by CBSE.

12. Does the school put emphasis on co-curricular activities at school?

Your child’s all-round development is our aim at GEMS Cambridge International School. That is the reason, why we put a lot of emphasis on co-curricular activities that build confidence and an all rounded personality.


13. What sports facilities do you offer?

Your child can enjoy a wide range of games at our school. The school campus has outdoor courts for basketball, badminton, skating, Kho-kho, Shooting and volleyball. There is a field for cricket and soccer. We also have two swimming pools, one for juniors and one for seniors.

We strictly follow the sports calendar for the year. Our students participate in intra- and inter-school competitions, state-level competitions and even national-level competitions in a variety of sports disciplines.

14. How are parents informed about their children’s progress and conduct?

To know about your child’s progress, you can visit us on a PTM (parent teacher meeting). PTMs are held regularly. The school immediately gets in touch with you on phone if your child’s conduct needs immediate attention. EduNext ERP itself is an excellent medium to communicate with one another.

15. Do you accept students from other educational systems?

Yes. We do accept students from other educational systems.

16. What is minimum age limit for admissions in your school?

The minimum age limit for admission in school is 2 years. 

17. What documents are required at the time of admission?

You need to submit the following documents at the time of admission.

For Playschool, KG1, KG2 and Grade 1:

1. Authentic certificate showing date of birth
2. Vaccination report
3. Medical certificate
4. Student photographs (5)
5. Father/mother’s photographs (1,1)
6. Report card (only for Grade 1)

For Grade 2 to Grade 9: 

1. Transfer certificate from previous school
2. Migration certificate if applicable
3. History of vaccination
4. Medical certificate
5. Photographs (5)
6. Report card from previous school

18. Do you offer sibling discounts on fee?

Yes. We offer sibling discounts of up to 40% on tuition fee to the younger student. 

19. How can I get in touch with school?

You could call us from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on 87288-92300 and 87288-92400.

You could also email us at gemsbatala2014@gmail.com

You could also pay us a visit on any working day between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

20. How can I involve with school?

We encourage parents to get involved in the school. Attending PTMs is the simplest and most effective way.